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Rules & Regulation


Participation in the Filipino American Community Athletic Association Basketball Tournament is open to any organized Filipino-American amateur basketball team that meets the criteria for players. The team must pay the required registration fee and must have a set of uniforms to distinguish the team from the others. Participation in FACAA is a privilege that can be revoked for rules violations.

Player eligibility for participation in the tournament must be of Filipino ancestry (mixed or not), an amateur, and listed in the team roster registered in the tournament before the first game of the season. Proof of ancestry must be provided upon request for verification. FACAA reserves the right to request any or all of the following at any time: driverís license, birth certificate or non-expired passport. Failure to do so within a designated time period will result in an indefinite non-participation in the tournament. Roster changes are prohibited after the season starts.

Each team may have two non-Filipino Asian players. All non-Filipino players must be 100% Asian. European-Asians are not eligible. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Non-Filipino Asian players must be below 6'4". Filipino players have no restriction.

Temporary - FACAA will allow guest Asian teams for 2006 only. The following years, we will go back to the original 1995 rule.

Team officials are responsible for the behavior and conduct of their respective team members during the duration of the tournament. Unsportsmanlike conduct and behavior, indecent gestures and exposures, unnecessary roughness, inciting a fight inside or outside the gymnasium, violation of gymnasium rules/ signs and uttering obscenities is considered detrimental to the best interest of the tournament. The tournament organizers and officials reserve the right to suspend or ban a participant(s) guilty of violating the rules of conduct from continued participation of the tournament without any refunds.

Only players, coaches and managers are allowed at the team benches during the game. Players for the next game must remain in the stands until the game is over.

Altercations involving players, coaches and managers will result in a suspension from the league without any refunds. Spectators involved in altercations will be ejected from the gym. Serious violations may result in notification of proper law enforcement authorities.

All players must have an official team uniform during game time. Uniform violations will result in a technical foul worth two free throws. T-shirts with numbers written in markers, spray-paint or tape is not acceptable.

NCAA Rules shall govern all the games of this tournament subject to the following modifications:

  • The length of game shall be played with 18 minutes running time, provided that during any team timeouts, the clock shall be stopped and the last two minutes of each half be played with stop times on all referee calls. Each half will total 20 minutes of regulation time.
  • Overtime situations shall be played in as many times necessary to determine the winning team. Overtime will be two minutes and shall play with stop times on all referee calls.
  • Each team shall be entitled to 2 time-outs on the first half and 2 time outs on the second half for a total of four for the regulation time. One time out is available per overtime periods. There are NO Carry-over time-outs.
  • One-on-one situations shall be in effect starting on the seventh foul in each half. Starting on the 10th foul, two shots will be awarded for each foul.
  • A team that fails to field five players within fifteen minutes of its scheduled game will forfeit that game, and its opponent shall be declared the winner by default. The default winner will be awarded fifty-one points provided they are able to field such number of players in the court in the same period of time. Teams that forfeit a game will be fined. A team that forfeits two games will not be eligible to return to the league for one season.
  • Three-point baskets shall be in effect depending on the court layout. If the basketball court does not have a three point shooting boundary, then no three-point scoring will be allowed.
  • Any rules not covered by the above shall be decided by the tournament officials after conferring with the team officials.
    The tournament will be played on the schedule duly subscribed by the team's participation in the tournament as follows:

    The top eight (8) teams (if we have 14 or more teams total in the season) qualify for the semi-finals, the winners of the semi-finals will vie for the championship. Players must play at least five regular season games to be eligible for the playoffs. Injured players must attend be at the gym at least a total of five regular season games to qualify for the playoffs. This prevents "ringers" from visiting us just for the playoffs and championship.

    Registration fees have been set. The fees are due on a date set forth by the Committee but no less than one week before game day. The total season fees shall be refunded in the event of a cancellation of the tournament prior to the season. After the start of the season, fees are non-refundable. Fees shall be forfeited should any team withdraw from the tournament ten (10) days prior to the start of the tournament.

    Non-Filipino and fully accredited referees shall officiate all games. The game officials are independent of the tournament organizers. Committee members or volunteers assigned by Committee members shall be the designated scorer and timer for the games.

    Trophies will be awarded for the FOURTH, THIRD and SECOND place teams. The winner of the championship will be awarded a team trophy and individual trophies to the team members. A plaque will be awarded for BEST COACH and BEST UNIFORM. Medals for ALL- STARS. Other trophies may be awarded based on donations.